Places I Didn’t Visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for many things.  Canals, houses that are hundreds of years old, thousands of bicycles, and diamonds come to mind.  I saw all of those things and enjoyed my time wandering around the old center of Amsterdam.  I especially liked seeing the narrowest house in Amsterdam (only six feet wide!), reading about the life of Van Gogh and seeing many fabulous paintings at the Van Gogh Museum, and having an Argentine steak dinner near the Rembrandtplein.  However, there are other more notorious things that many tourists come to Amsterdam to see.  Here are a few of the places I didn’t visit.

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
I don’t drink coffee and I don’t smoke the reefer!

There are hundreds of coffee shops around Amsterdam that serve marijuana. There was a small cafe a few doors down from where I was staying. It smelled so strong that I think I caught a buzz just walking by on the sidewalk a few times every day.

shop in Amsterdam, Netherlands
In case you need a new head.

I never understood why those stores were called by that name anyway. By the way, a good source for last minute airline tickets is Last Minute Tickets

Bulldog coffee shop in Amsterdam
For those mid-afternoons when you are tired from walking around the city and need a “pick-me-up”…

I didn’t go inside the Bulldog Energy Coffee Shop, but I liked their logo on the neon sign. There were several of these coffee shops around the old city center. I don’t know the combination of chemicals that they are selling in there, but it is a popular establishment. Perhaps the essence of visiting the Bulldog is a combination of drinking Red Bull and espresso while smoking a marijuana cigarette and eating a hash brownie. So you have the energy to paddle a boat around all of the canals of the city while feeling good doing it?

A friend recommended this restaurant near the train station. I meant to go there, but never made it back to that part of the city at the right time.

Restaurant in Amsterdam
I hear the food is good, but beware of the special brownies for dessert.

Museums typically include collections of really old stuff that are supposed to be educational. What could possibly be in this museum?
Hemp and Marijuana Museum
They need a museum for this in this town?

I also didn’t go down the narrow, old alleys of the Red Light district, although I saw the red lights above the windows from the canal boat as it cruised by. Don’t even ask about Casa Rosso, I regret even reading about it in the guidebook.

Even though I don’t agree with the hedonistic lifestyles of some of the people of Amsterdam, I liked the city.  It’s definitely worth visiting for a couple of days on any European tour.

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