Top Snorkeling Spots in Grand Cayman

Here are the best spots to snorkel in Grand Cayman.

Smith's Cove in Grand Cayman
Smith's Barcadere on Grand Cayman

Cheeseburger Reef The reef is about 150 yards offshore behind the Burger King on the north edge of Georgetown. Access into the water is via a small sandy path of beach between the north side of the Burger King and the south side of the Lobster Pot Dive Shop. Look for the two orange mooring balls that mark the reef. There is nothing to see until you get to the reef. The coral formations are impressive, rising up to less than 10 feet from the water surface. Large fish, turtles, and reef sharks can be seen.

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Eden Rock The reef is about 100 yards offshore from the Eden Rock Dive Center south of Georgetown. Access into the water is via stairs cut into the ironshore. Swim out to the mooring balls. The reef is a mass of large coral heads connected by tunnels and caves.

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Smith’s Barcadere Swim 20 yards straight out from the beach to explore coral heads and schools of small fish. Continue on to either side of the cove. The best snorkeling is on the left of the cove near the shoreline in 6 to 10 feet of water. The beach has shaded areas and picnic tables.
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Some other places:

Rum Point – Easy, shallow access good for beginners. Snorkel to the right of the pier towards the small point in front of the Retreat at Rum Point condos.

Turtle Reef – Just north of the Turtle farm lies Turtle Reef. Snorkellers can access it through the shore facilities. There are two different entrances in this location, one, in front of the dive shop by taking a step ladder or by entering in the cove right next to the Turtle Farm.

Cemetery Beach Reef – This patch reef is located near the north end of Seven Mile Beach off a waterfront cemetery. The reef itself is a long, narrow patch reef in less than 10 feet of water. You will find some elkhorn corals on the crown of this reef. The big attraction is the fish. It’s a bit of a swim, about 100 yards, and there is an occasional current, so be aware and cautious.

Wreck of the Gamma – The Gamma is an old freighter that has been sitting just off the shore north of the Cali for decades. Her hull is half exposed and half submerged and presents a striking view. Shore access is easy from a protected rough sand/crushed coral cove. She sits immediately offshore. Depths barely reach 10 feet. Many varieties of fish shelter under the stern while schools of silversides inhabit the interior. The entry cove is slightly north of the wreck.

Wreck of the Cali – Shore access is excellent and the swim is just 75 yards. Watch for the resident population of Tarpon.

South Sound, Blue Parrot: The Blue Parrot is actually the name of a bar that used to be a very popular “hang out” for divers. . The site is now, as was before, at the Coconut Harbor. Because the bar is gone, you can drive your car right to the edge of the water and suite up. The entrance is easy, with steps carved out of the rocky shoreline; one can jump right in and snorkel the 20 yards to the beginning of the coral formation. This site sits in about 30ft of water eventually getting deeper to 50ft in a sandy bottom.

Bodden Town, Beach Bay: Beach Bay is a small cove hidden just before entering Bodden Town. You have to drive down the long Beach Bay road, about two miles, before you reach the shore. There is a small parking lot as soon as you get to the end of the road. From there just walk downhill to the beach, you will see the cove to the left. This snorkeling spot is situated at the end of Pedro’s Bluff. The entrance is fairly easy; the small man made lagoon makes for an easy access to the outside barrier reef that surrounds the area. The area consists of mostly shallow water snorkeling with dramatic coral formations outside the reef in about 30ft of water.

Morritt’s Tortuga – You can snorkel right off the dock at Tortuga located on the eastern end of Grand Cayman. It is a shallow area with coral formations, sea fans and schooling fish. Some of the best spots can be found by the Tortuga Club’s reefs, to both the left or right of the resort as well as the pier. Be aware of the channel that sometimes carries quite a lot of current, snorkel on the right of the pier at the Tortuga club or on the left of the channel by walking on beach or driving to the beach by the point.