Pinokotheks or Bust – Munich

Today we are all tired from the large amounts of walking we have done the past two days and the disrupted sleep patterns.  We get started at mid-morning and head for the museum district.   This is our day of culture in Munich.  Our first stop is the Alte Pinokothek (the Old Art Museum).  The name is correct, there is a lot of old art in here.  I found it rather boring, but at least we only stayed 45 minutes.  Next door was the Neue Pinokothek (the New Art Museum), which we skipped in the interests of time and excitement level.  Across the street was the Pinokothek Modern (the Modern Art Museum).  This was a little more interesting.  This museum had 20th century art, including one or two Picassos, and sections on automobile design (Porsches of course), and product and furniture design.  Some of the artwork was good (in my opinion), some was absolutely weird, and one painting in particular I thought I could have done in five minutes.  It was a large painting of the color red, with a lighter red near the top, and a darker red near the bottom.  I don’t remember what the title was, but “Red” probably was descriptive and appropriate.

We rested our aching feet at an Italian café overlooking the Odeon Platz, a big plaza near the Opera House.  Over spaghetti and salad, we watched the Muncheners (if that is the right word…) walk and ride by.  Very entertaining.  The Muncheners dress differently than we do in the US.  More formal and dressy, with a certain style, especially in their footwear.  No flip-flops, and certainly not as many athletic shoes.  After windowing shopping at the Ferrari and Rolls-Royce car dealer, we entered the Residenz for our next tour.

The Residenz was the city palace of the King of Bavaria.  It occupies a large area of central Munich.  We toured the reception and private rooms of the palace.  There were displays explaining the history of Bavaria at the time of Napoleon.  We also toured the Treasury, which exhibited the king’s crown, the queen’s necklace, the royal silverware, the royal feather duster, the royal jock strap (OK, the last thing was not really there, but something Peter made up after seeing all of the other stuff.  Overall, the palace and the treasury were not as good or as interesting as similar places in London.

Bavarian crown

We continued our exploration of every shop in the central Munich area, including another visit into the Dallmayr delicatessen, where we bought some chocolate truffles.  That didn’t stop us from buying more chocolate truffles in a chocolate shop a little while later.  As some of us have said, you can never have too much of that stuff.

We ended our day with a traditional American dinner at the Hard Rock Café.  Burgers and Caesar salads are a welcome respite to us hard touring Americans.  No wurst, sauerkraut, and pretzels tonight.  These restaurants all look and sound the same, no matter what city you are in, but we like them.

Time to leave Munich in the morning for the drive into the Bavarian Alps…

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