Museum of Old Wooden Polish Toilets – Laka, Poland

Today is a national holiday in Poland.  The holiday is to commemorate a battle during World War II.  The president of Poland is on TV giving a speech, before a military parade starts.  It does not make for exciting television.  We are hanging around Uncle Stefan’s house.  Because it is a holiday, everyone is off work, and all of the stores are closed so it doesn’t make sense to go to Pszczyna.

It is cold and very windy today, more like October weather than mid-summer.  So we have stayed indoors mostly, eating, talking, watching funny videos on the computer, eating, talking, and eating some more.  For lunch we have had a big meal because of the holiday.  Of course, we have had several courses of desserts too, at different times during the day.

In the evening I walked around my aunt Bronka’s garden.  It is very big and immaculately tended, with many flowers and vegetables.  I raided her raspberry patch for an impromptu dessert.  I checked out my grandfather’s shop room in the old barn.  There was a rusty old lock on the door and I wondered why it was locked. Perhaps something valuable was now stored in there. Earlier, the uncles were instructing me that I should have locked the doors to my rental car, because anyone could walk by and get in the car and do something to it.  (They had already been sitting in the car themselves).  I didn’t think crime was a problem in Laka, but they assured me that it was.  Of course, they had already had several rounds of vodka, so I wasn’t sure if I should take them seriously.

After studying the locked door situation, I discovered that the key to the old lock was on a key ring hung by the door.  I picked the most likely looking candidate and promptly unlocked the door.  So much for security.  I was a little disappointed to find that it had been cleaned out.  My grandfather had a lot of old stuff in there that he worked on.  It has been 20 years since he was there, so I guess it is no surprise that they would use the storage space for something else.

My Grandfather's barn

The old outhouse is still set next to the barn.  Edward claims it is a museum piece, although I’m not sure what museum would take it.  The Museum of Old Wooden Polish Toilets?

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