Spicy Noodles in Nanchang

“I’m starving!” I said, as we finished a long morning organizing the new student coffee shop at Jiangxi Agricultural University.

“I know just the place,” said my friend Greg, English professor at the school in Nanchang, China.

We walked across the road to a row of dingy stalls, crowded with students on their lunch break.  He suggested visiting the last stall, claiming it had the best food around.  The corrugated shack was only big enough to hold an old woman cooking noodles in a large pot over a charcoal fire.  She was four and half feet tall, wearing old peasant clothes and a dirty apron. Her stall had a counter to place your order and a decrepit picnic table out front for the diners.  There were only two items on the menu – plain noodles, and spicy noodles.

“I’ll have the spicy noodles,” I said. “I’m living dangerously on this trip!”

The old woman grabbed a handful of noodles with her gnarled hands and threw them into the pot.

In time, the old woman yelled something in the local dialect.  Order up!  She scooped out the noodles and plopped them down on a thin paper plate.  For my lunch special, she dumped a mystery mixture of oils and peppers onto the plate.

Being chopstick challenged, I produced my washable plastic fork. The taste was amazing.  It turned out to be the best meal I had in China.  It was the best value too, a tasty student lunch for 35 cents.

Spicy noodle for lunch in Nanchang, China
Best Noodles in China!

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  1. Don’t you love that sometimes the simplest experiences can often be the best?

    Thanks so much for your entry! Best of luck!

    And congrats on being the first to enter! Most leave it til the last minute.

  2. There are many times when I have had some really good food in nondescript or ordinary looking places. Where I live, there are some places that appear neglected when it comes to its decor, but are jam packed all the time because the food they serve is just amazing.

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